Paratrooper's reconnaissance Unit Foundation 2002

The Paratrooper’s Reconnaissance Unit Foundation was established in 2002. The foundation operates in tight cooperation with the unit’s commanding officers.
The foundation operates in several fields:


Supporting the welfare of the unit’s soldiers and assisting the unit:

Supporting soldiers who immigrated to Israel alone and are serving in the unit without any family support in Israel. Purchasing worm winter attire for the combat soldiers of the unit. Maintaining and improving the soldier’s living quarters. Assisting the unit with day to day needs to advance living conditions and soldiers' welfare.


Assisting families of soldiers who need economic support

The foundation supports soldier's families that suffer from poverty, poor health, and poor living conditions with food, furniture, improvement of living conditions and assistance with the welfare authorities


Assisting the unit’s veterans

Assisting the unit’s recently discharged veterans with seeking employment opportunities by creating a employer’s job pool based on available job opportunities with companies managed and run by the unit’s veterans.

Commemorating the fallen soldiers of the unit and supporting their families

The foundation keeps in touch with the families of fallen soldiers of the unit and assists families in need.
Also supported are the maintenance and continued development of the fallen soldiers commemoration room, the publishing the commemoration book, and the planting of a forest in memory of the unit’s fatalities.

Contributions from donators who wish to advance the foundation objectives are the sole source of funding for the foundation operations. The foundation staff and managers are all non-paid volunteers and all funds are exclusively used only for the foundation causes.

Sincerely yours
Ora Zack
Chairman of the Paratrooper’s reconnaissance unit foundation